"My work is mostly about capturing a moment in time; some particular aspect of what I witness touches me and I am compelled to examine and interpret it. I feel such a privilege as an artist to be able to experience and hold on to these moments forever through my art.

I have spent many years studying with some of the world's finest teachers in multiple mediums. Each discipline has its own vocabulary and in order to articulate my observations with sensitivity, I must carefully choose the medium I work in."

Born in the United States and raised in cities throughout the world, Sandra Rubel rediscovered fine art after a successful career of designing and creating one-of-a-kind haute couture in woven, knitted, and handpainted silks.

Always a prolific artist, in ten short years she has created a tremendous number of paintings, studied with some of the great art world luminaries, and has begun exhibiting, selling, and winning awards for her pastel, watercolor, and oil paintings as well as drawings and prints.